Friday, January 08, 2010

What happens on snow days?

Lots of reading. This week I have finished 'Turn of the Screw', it was an OK read but didn't set me on fire. I found myself reading it to get it finished. The TV adaptation on the Beeb was much better than the actual book. Finishing that I moved onto 'A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian' by Monica Lewycka which I absolutely loved. I was given this book ages ago and buried it in the cupboard, I dug it out and read it in two days. It is a funny, moving and absorbing read. The title had put me off but although there is a history of tractors within the story it fits and works well within the narrative frame. I enjoyed the alieness (for my background) of the characters but still felt a connection with them. The storyline has a nice pace which kept me turning pages long after I had resolved to get off my arse and make a cup of coffee!

I have also been knitting and finished a lace sock that I cast on for on Sunday - including the afterthought heel and the grafting! Picture when its mate is knitted, I cast in for it last night. My Klaralund sleeve is growing very slowly as is my shawl. No spinning still.

Yesterday we made Peanut Butter cookies - the only thing we've run out of is biscuits - M has tea and many biscuits so that is why we needed to refill the barrel. Hopefully M will get into work today and is back on call for the weekend.

Dogs and boy still loving the snow. Me? I've had enough thanks. I miss my long walks and the colour green. The wildlife watching is good though. So many birds including a lovely Mistle Thrush. We've also had an albino squirrel and this morning two young foxes. So there is an upside I suppose.


Minnie said...

My family is from Ukraine and that book is really close to home, if you know what I mean. She writes it just as it is/was. It's just ALL so familiar. lol

The buxom, peroxide blonde gold diggers did exist..and I remember them 'going for' the unmarried old guys. One even tried to get it on with my uncle, but soon gave up when she realised he was broke!

I lent my copy to my brother. Must get it back for a re-read.

It was our Christmas Day yesterday, so Merry Christmas:o)

Wish I could knit socks. Is there an easy pattern anywhere to start with?

Batty said...

The characters from that book were so familiar... the Ukraine is far away from the former Yugoslavia, but some of the same types hang out in both countries. It was a very enjoyable read.