Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not that I'm obsessed or anything but

I just have got so back into my weaving, I had to warp it up again. Also a certain bearded gentlemen coveted my green scarf so I donated it to him.

So this one, finally, is for me. Every bit of weaving, except for our bathroom mat, that I've ever done I've gifted away, about time I did something for myself.


DeltaDawn said...

Is ewaving the new thing? I just got a loom for DH, following several other of my fave knitters out there. Interesting how we all seem to do stuff in waves.

I haven't tried ours yet - trying to let it be Captain America's - but I've got lots of projects thunk up already.

peri said...

Hi Dawn

No weaving is an old passion rediscovered, it got side lined for spinning.



Batty said...

There are worse obsessions than the kind that leads to stash reduction!